A Summer Remembered
circa 1956

(This image has less resolution than the print.)

The South Park Drive-In Theatre, one of about seven in this area, was a family entertainment center in the '50's. Opening in 1950, it featured a snack bar with everything from popcorn to fried chicken, a playground, and a concrete patio for lawn chairs.

This scene, "A Summer Remembered", depicts the first day of summer in 1956. Tickets for adults were $ .44 and kids under 12 got in free. Sometimes those over 12 tried to get in free. It didn't always work! As in my previous '50's paintings, my '41 Cadillac can be seen, this time in its primer coat which earned it the nickname "Grey Ghost."

Notes from the artist:

Many of the classic cars featured in nostalgic paintings were ones that I obtained or my Dad did, such as the '47 Chrysler, and the '54 Chevy Bel-Air.  My '56 Buick Century was a hard top.  The Classic '56 corvette reflects the South Park Drive-In neon colors which I found through interviewing the original manager who opened the drive-in theatre in 1950.  Most of my photos are black and white.

Once again the classic movies playing that first day of summer, June 21st 1956 were once I obtained, original posters of from Larry Edmonds Book Shop in Hollywood CA, "The Vanishing American" starring Scott Brady and "Crashing Las Vegas" with the Bowery Boys.

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