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3D Foil Art Prints and Posters

3D foil art prints including antique maps, spiritual, Christmas, Valentine's Day, eagles, puppies and kittens, wildlife, Native American, Victorian scenes, fairies and many more themes. Family friendly site. Foil art is produced by artists using various techniques to create a multi-dimensional illusion of a print on foil. It is a 3D picture produced on foil which reflects light from different angles and is made with special inks and dyes on heavy gauge foil, which is then wax coated with a paper backing.

Canvas Discount

Upload your photos (or photos or your paintings) and have them transformed into artwork printed on canvas. Very reasonable prices and fast 3-5 day delivery.

Live Painting Lessons

You'll find here a range of video painting lessons suited for beginner AND advanced painters ranging from painting beaches and skies, to waterfalls, lakes and mountains, light and atmosphere, still life, color and more - I'm always working on new lessons. You'll also see a number of great free painting lessons on this site - some mine and some from other artists around the world. (Richard Robinson) Some links to video painting lessons are emailed for free.

Sun Country Gems

Beads and Jewelry Supplies - Just a click away, but light years beyond an ordinary bead shop!

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