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Big Thicket Information Center (The Staley Cabin)

Big Thicket Information Center
(The Staley Cabin)

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Jimmy H. and Elda Staley built this log cabin in 1936 on Kirby land. Before the construction of the new Big Thicket Visitor's Center (located a few miles down the road) this cabin was restored and used as the Big Thicket Information Center. The Staley Cabin is an example of homesteading practiced in the 1800's in Southeast Texas. Homesteading allowed settlers to become a land owner by farming the land. The practice was widely adopted by low income families during the depression. The Staley family raised hogs and cattle here. FM 420 was built in 1945, and the land was aquired by the Big Thicket National Preserve, the nation's very first National Preserve Park. There's a wonderful nature trail (the Kirby Nature Trail) that stretches for miles behind this cabin, leading down to Village Creek. It's a perfect place for a hike of a few miles and picnic by the bridge over Village Creek. For more experienced hikers, the trails extends north of here for over 12 miles. The Staley Cabin is located 12 miles north of Kountze, Texas.

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