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After the Game
circa 1957

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In 1957, a favorite hangout after the game was the Pig Stand #10 on Port Arthur Road at Highland Ave. There were several Pig Stands in Beaumont and part of the Friday night fun was making the rounds of all of them three or four times.

This scene depicts a typical gathering of teens from arch rivals South Park and Beaumont High. See if you can name all the cars and find the "Cherry Coke" and "Pig Sandwich".

Notes from the artist:

After the Jefferson Theatre the next obvious choice of a nostalgic 50s era painting had to be the Pig Stand 10.  Built in 1924, several generations of teens "hung out" there, especially those from South Park High.  Check out the history of the Pig Stand at "Texas Pig Stands".

Following the theme of my first Moments to Remember scene, in each painting my models are friends and relatives.  Each scene depicts a "particular day" in the 50s and 60s.  I feature 2 or 3 classic cars in each such as the '57 Chevy Bel-Air Convertible. and the '55 T-Bird.  My '41 Cadillac Series 75 makes a "cameo appearance" in each painting.  Other classic cars in this scene include a '55 Ford Crown Victory, a '33 Ford Hot Rod and a '55 Olds. 

Description by the Artist

Watch this video presentation by the artist describing the painting process, the research, and the hidden trivia in the painting.

The original painting is 36x24" on masonite panel, completed in 1984.

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