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Take a trip back in time in this collection of paintings by Randy Welborn. The fifties were a unique and memorable time in history. This series of paintings brings those memories back to life remembering iconic and historic places in Beaumont, Texas exactly as they appeared in the fifties. The "Moments to Remember" series represents my life's work, spanning over thirty years, with each of the 16 paintings in the series requiring years to research, prepare, and paint. The large format with detailed images makes a perfect addition to the coffee table in your living room or office. If purchased separately, all 16 prints in this size would cost well over $600.

"Moments to Remember" (3rd edition) uses 100# Premium Lustre Gloss paper for a high quality image on every page. Order "Moments to Remember" (3rd edition) for only $95.99 (plus shipping) directly from Blurb Publishing. See the preview.

"Moments to Remember" (4th edition) also known as the "Collector's Edition" uses 140# Proline Pearl coated paper for the absolute best, highest quality image on every page.
Order "Moments to Remember" (Collector's Edition) for $159.95 through Amazon.com.

New Reproductions


"Mama-Jack's" Now Available!

As you pass through Kountze on Highway 69, don't forget to stop at Mama Jack's for the most delicious southern home cooking any restaurant ever served! Enjoy Mama Jack's! Also, we have new High School prints just released: Kelly High School , David Crockett Jr High , The Top Half Cafe , St. Anthony's High School , the Beaumont High School , along with the South Park High School , and the French High School. These seven reproductions are colorized versions from my original Pen & Ink drawings. I've taken the time to add color to my original Pen & Ink drawings using high quality Prismacolor Premier softcore pencils. This colorization brings them back to life, just like you remember them - in living color.

Our Galleries

Moments to Remember Gallery

Moments to Remember Gallery

Take a trip back in time to the fifties. Each and every painting in this series depicts a specific day of life as it was in the fifties. These painting have vibrant colors showcasing the fantastic neons lights and excitement of the fifties. For detailed descriptions, see our New Videos.

Landscape Gallery

Landscape Paintings Gallery

View scenes of the "Big Thicket," the Gulf Coast beach and the surrounding area where the artist Randy Welborn and his family have lived for most of their lives.

Pen & Inks Gallery

Pen & Inks Gallery

These drawings use exacting detail to showcase local historical landmarks such as area high schools, some of which no longer exist.

View the Artist Biography

Randy Welborn shares some details about his paintings in his biography.

All of these prints are made on highest quality, fade-resistant photographic paper and will not fade like offset lithographs. Prints are available in 8.5x11" sheet size (8x10 image size) for $34.95, and 16x20" size for $79.95 (plus shipping & handling). Special sizes are available on request. Just Contact Randy Welborn for special requests. You may purchase prints online using your credit card through our secure affiliation with PayPal. Click the thumbnails in the left frame to view the prints, then click one of the purchase buttons which appears under the larger image.

Behind the Scenes...

These slide shows tell about our works in progress. The slide shows also include photos of the original buildings and classic cars used in researching paintings, as well as audio commentary by the artist, Randy Welborn describing the process of researching and painting these scenes from the fifties.

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