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My Art Notebook

by Randy Welborn

Notes from my personal journey as an artist. Here's how to become a successful artist, support a hobby as an artist, and create paintings your friends and family will love. Includes details on pricing your artwork, setting up for art shows, choosing subjects, transferring drawings for painting, and color theory and practice. (3rd ed.) Free with Kindle Unlimited. Available in Paperback on Amazon Prime $34.95

Moments to Remember Cover

Moments to Remember

by Randy Welborn

Take a trip back in time in this collection of paintings by Randy Welborn. The fifties were a unique and memorable time in history. This series of paintings brings those memories back to life remembering iconic and historic places in Beaumont, Texas exactly as they appeared in the fifties. The “Moments to Remember” series spans over thirty years of work, with each painting in the series requiring years to research, prepare, and paint. The large format with detailed images makes a perfect addition to the coffee table in your living room or office. (3rd edition) Preview on Blurb.com $95.99

From the Beach to the Big Thicket Book Cover

From the Beach
to the Big Thicket

the Rural Art of Randy Welborn

An artist doesn't need to go to Paris, unless you're talking about Paris Texas, for inspiration, because subject matter is all around us. Wherever you are, nature’s wonders and beauty abound.

I’ve painted a variety of scenes from Village Creek in the Big Thicket National Preserve, to the Bolivar Peninsula near Galveston, to Central Texas and beyond. The view changes every few minutes from beautiful sunrises through midday cumulus clouds and shrimp boats to spectacular golden sunsets. Always take your paintbox and lawn chair. Some scenes got away from me, but I’ve included in this book a good sampling from over forty years. This is the second edition... Preview on Blurb.com $99.95

If you order directly from the artist, your book will be autographed. Call Randy at 409-246-3050 to get your autographed book while supplies last.

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